About Us

Chrono Forever is a company that engages in selling luxury Rolex timepieces for both men and women and our love for watches has inspired us to spread the joy of owning classic luxurious watches. Starting in 2020, we are fast growing in the market and pride ourselves in providing top of the range watches form the world’s leading brands. We are not a conventional watch provider. Our experiences stems from decades of love and interest in both watches and other high end items. Along with our passion, we also aim to provide customers with products they love to wear and customer sanctification is number one priority for us as a company.

Worldwide, the luxury watch market experienced growth across most regions. A luxury watch is an expensive timepiece and has been a symbol of wealth and reputation. Chrono Forever is an online-based company that specifically aims at providing quality luxury Rolex & Audemars Piguet watches for both men and women. We have an eCommerce platform that features a range of high end and luxury products. We are confident of the potential of having one of the largest collections of quality luxury watches on our platform. It is therefore, no surprise why Chrono Forever is becoming the fastest growing online reseller of luxury watches in Australia.

Chrono Forever business name was established in 2020 and has been known for selling high end watches and diamonds.